Saturday, September 3, 2011

Protecting Voting Right of a Woman with Disability

Saturday, September 03, 2011
By Mu Sochua

On the 2nd day of voter registration, we walked to the end of the muddy road.
With copies of voter list in hand, we walked door-to-door to make sure newly illegible voters are registered and all our supporters are on the lists.
All adult members of Chantrea's family have registered to vote, have voted, except Chantrea. The reason: because she was disabled at the age of 2, after a high fever. She rarely leaves the house because of shame. However, with her skills as a seamstress she contributes to the family income.
I informed her about the adopted Disability Law, the UN Human Rights Declaration.
Will she go to register to vote this year?
With no hesitation , she said : "Yes".
Why did her family not register her before, I asked.
A very short answer from her mother: "what for , she is disabled".
I want her vote, I told her, before we left.
She gave us a big smile.
She made our day!

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